Let Your Cell Phone Come Out of the Closet with Pride Wireless

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If you’ve been worrying that your cell phone might be just a little too straight, a new campaign to launch the world’s first LGBT-owned mobile service provider might just be the answer.

Pride Wireless promises to be a mobile carrier for LGBT people and allies, using existing networks and infrastructure to provide the same service as other providers while supporting the LGBT community.

The company promises that each month it will donate a portion of its profits to a variety of non-profits, voted for by customers, in areas including “LGBTQ healthcare (HIV/AIDS, breast cancer), suicide prevention, anti-bullying, homelessness, employment & housing and senior aging.”

“We’ve worked hard, sacrificed and came a long way in winning the love battle in the US but the worldwide war for equality rages on,” said Patrick Adams, who started the company after he was fired from his last job because of his sexuality.  “In the US, it’s still legal in thirty states to fire someone or deny housing based upon their sexual orientation.  Now’s the time to leverage the same-sex marriage ruling and double our efforts to achieve full equality. Now’s the time for PRIDE Wireless.”

Pride Wireless has already secured angel investment and network access in 32 countries, but has turned to crowdfunding to raise an additional $50,000 to help make the company a reality and manage a launch in time for Atlanta Pride in October.

There’s no word yet on how much of the proceeds will go to charity, or of the pricing plans and services on offer, but check out the IndieGoGo page if you’re interested in giving back a little to the LGBT community through your phone bill.