GIVEback™ Partner Program


Automatic Charity Donations When You Sign Up with PRIDE Wireless

Our community has achieved impressive milestones in the last few years – strengthened our foundation, given greater impact to our voice and finally… won the fight to love –  to marry.


But it doesn’t stop there – we at PRIDE Wireless are committed to give back to those causes that affect us in the LGBTQ Community – topics, such as, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, suicide prevention, anti-bullying, homelessness, employment, housing and senior care.   We understand there are many organizations that support these issues and we believe that we should partner together in our GIVEback™ Program.


Here’s how it works.

When you become part of the PRIDE Wireless Family, we will give back cash for each new account activation plus 2.5% of your bill.  This significant GIVEback™ program will fund many non-profits in our community – thanks to you.


Why 2.5 percent per Month?

Most companies offer 1% or a small portion of profits to supported organizations.  We at PRIDE Wireless want to make a greater impact on our community by more than doubling what most companies do.  That is why, with your help, this can become a reality.

More Information

What are the Steps?

Step #1:  A customer switches from their current carrier or becomes a new PRIDE Wireless customer.

Step #2:  The new subscriber is able to select one (1) organization to be the recipient of their charitable donation from the forty (40) non-profits that are currently available.  The subscriber can nominate an additional organization to be considered by PRIDE Wireless.

Step #3:  Within 90 days, PRIDE Wireless will donate $10 to the charity of the subscriber’s choice and two and a half percent (2.5%) of their total service plan cost during the period.  From that point forward, the 2.5% donation will be sent quarterly to that non-profit until the subscriber decides to direct their contribution to another non-profit or is no longer a customer. *

What non-profits can I donate to?

Currently, PRIDE Wireless has identified forty (40) non-profits in three key categories from which you can choose: Health, Safety and Equality.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to nominate a worthy nationwide, regional or local non-profit that supports LGBTQ causes.

Opportunities for Non-Profits

For those non-profits who promotes PRIDE Wireless to its supporters, and direct those supporters to PRIDE Wireless, the organization will receive twice the give back or 5%.

Reference in this site to any specific non-profit organization, their affiliates or other associations does not determine an endorsement by said entity for PRIDE Wireless. Additionally, PRIDE Wireless has listed identified non-profits for the information and convenience of the public, and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by either party.

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